Wireless Router RNX-N150RT User Manual
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4.16.5 Backup & Restore
Choose menu System Tools Backup & Restore, you can save the current configuration of
the Router as a backup file and restore the configuration via a backup file as shown in Figure 4-76.
Figure 4-76 Backup & Restore Configuration
Click the Backup button to save all configuration settings as a backup file in your local
To upgrade the Router's configuration, follow these instructions.
Click the Browse button to locate the update file for the Router, or enter the exact path
to the Setting file in the text box.
Click the Restore button.
The current configuration will be covered by the uploading configuration file. The upgrade process
lasts for 20 seconds and the Router will restart automatically. Keep the Router on during the
upgrading process to prevent any damage.
4.16.6 Reboot
Choose menu System Tools Reboot, you can click the Reboot button to reboot the Router
via the next screen.
Figure 4-77 Reboot the Router
Some settings of the Router will take effect only after rebooting, which include:
Change the LAN IP Address (system will reboot automatically).
Change the DHCP Settings.
Change the Wireless configurations.
Change the Web Management Port.
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