Wireless Router RNX-N150RT User Manual
- 89 -
Figure 4-80 Mail Account Settings
From - Your mail box address. The Router would connect it to send logs.
To - Recipients address. The destination mailbox where the logs would be received.
SMTP Server - Your smtp server. It corresponds with the mailbox filled in the From
field. You can log on the relevant website for Help if you are not clear with the address.
Authentication - Most SMTP Server requires Authentication. It is required by most
mailboxes that need User Name and Password to log in.
Only when you select Authentication, do you have to enter the User Name and
Password in the following fields.
User Name - Your mail account name filled in the From field. The part behind @ is
Password - Your mail account password.
Confirm The Password - Enter the password again to confirm.
Enable Auto Mail Feature - Select it to mail logs automatically. You could mail the
current logs either at a specified time everyday or by intervals, but only one could be
the current effective rule. Enter the desired time or intervals in the corresponding field
as shown in Figure 4-80.
Click Save to keep your settings.
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