Wireless Router RNX-N150RT User Manual
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Log Type - By selecting the log type, only logs of this type will be shown.
Log Level - By selecting the log level, only logs of this level will be shown.
Refresh - Refresh the page to show the latest log list.
Save Log - Click to save all the logs in a txt file.
Mail Log - Click to send an email of current logs manually according to the address and
validation information set in Mail Settings. The result will be shown in the later log soon.
Clear Log - All the logs will be deleted from the Router permanently, not just from the page.
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4.16.9 Statistics
Choose menu System Tools Statistics, you can view the network traffic of each PC on the
LAN, including total traffic and the value of the last Packets Statistic interval in seconds.
Figure 4-81 Statistics
Current Statistics Status - Enable or Disable. The default value is disabled. To enable, click
the Enable button. If disabled, the function of DoS protection in Security settings will be
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