Wireless Router RNX-N150RT User Manual
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Appendix A: FAQ
1. How do I configure the Router to access the Internet by ADSL users?
1) First, configure the ADSL Modem configured in RFC1483 bridge model.
2) Connect the Ethernet cable from your ADSL Modem to the WAN port on the Router. The
telephone cord plugs into the Line port of the ADSL Modem.
3) Log in to the Router, click the Network menu on the left of your browser, and click
"WAN" submenu. On the WAN page, select “PPPoE” for WAN Connection Type. Type
user name in the “User Name” field and password in the “Password” field, finish by
clicking Connect.
Figure A-1 PPPoE Connection Type
4) If your ADSL lease is in “pay-according-time” mode, select “Connect on Demand” or
Connect Manually” for Internet connection mode. Type an appropriate number for “Max
Idle Time” to avoid wasting paid time. Otherwise, you can select “Auto-connecting” for
Internet connection mode.
Figure A-2 PPPoE Connection Mode
1. Sometimes the connection cannot be disconnected although you specify a time to Max
Idle Time, since some applications is visiting the Internet continually in the background.
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