Dual Band Wireless PCI-E Adapter -RWND-N9003PCE- User Manual
4. When the following window appears, you have successfully connected to the network.
Figure 3-11
3.2.2 PIN method
There are two ways to configure the WPS by PIN method:
1) Enter the PIN from your Router or AP device.
2) Enter a PIN into your Router or AP device. (This method is only available in Windows XP and
Windows Vista.)
Following are the detailed configuration procedures of each way. Enter the PIN from your Router or AP device
1. Open ROSEWILL WIRELESS N UTILITY and click WPS tab. Select Enter the PIN of my
access point or wireless router. In the empty field beside PIN, enter the PIN labeled on the
bottom of the Router (here takes 69409325 for example). If you have generated a new PIN code
for your Router, please enter the new one instead. Click Connect to continue.
Figure 3-12
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