Dual Band Wireless PCI-E Adapter -RWND-N9003PCE- User Manual
2. The adapter will be connecting to the target network.
Figure 3-13
3. When Figure 3-11 appears, you have successfully connected to the network. Enter a PIN into your AP device
This method is only available in Windows XP and Windows Vista.
1. Open ROSEWILL WIRELESS N UTILITY and click WPS tab. Select Enter the PIN of this
device into my access point or wireless router. In the field beside PIN, you will see the PIN
value of the adapter which is randomly generated. Click Connect to continue.
Figure 3-14
2. Open your Router’s Web-based Utility and click WPS link on the left of the main menu.Then
click Add device and the following figure will appear. Enter the PIN value of the adapter in the
empty field beside PIN and then click Connect.
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