AC750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router RNX-AC750RT User Manual
There are three submenus under the IPv6 Support menu (shown in Figure 4-98): IPv6 Status,
IPv6 WAN and IPv6 LAN. Click either of them, and you will be able to scan or configure the
corresponding function. The detailed explanations for each submenu are provided below.
4.20.1 IPv6 Status
Figure 4-99 IPv6 Status
The IPv6 Status page displays the router's current IPv6 status and configuration. All information
is read-only.
Connection Type - The IPv6 connection way for WAN
Connection Status - The status of IPv6 connection
IPv6 Address - The WAN IPv6 address
IPv6 Default Gateway - The router's default gateway
Primary IPv6 DNS - The primary IPv6 DNS address
Secondary IPv6 DNS - The secondary IPv6 DNS address
IPv6 Address Type - There are two types of assignation for IPv6 address: RADVD
(Stateless address auto-configuration) and DHCPv6 (Dynamic Host Configuration
Protocol for IPv6) Server.
Prefix Length - The prefix length of IPv6 address
IPv6 Address - The LAN IPv6 address
- 110 -
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