AC750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router RNX-AC750RT User Manual
Figure 4-103 PPPoEv6
PPP Username/Password - Enter the User Name and Password provided by your ISP.
These fields are case-sensitive.
Authentication Type Choose one authentication type from AUTO-AUTH, PAP, CHAP and
Addressing Type - There are two types of assignation for IPv6 address: SLAAC (Stateless
address auto-configuration) and DHCPv6 (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6)
MTU(Bytes) - The normal MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) value for most Ethernet
networks is 1500 Bytes. For some ISPs, you may need to modify the MTU. But this is rarely
required, and should not be done unless you are sure it is necessary for your ISP connection.
Enable MLD Proxy - Enable the Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) Proxy function if you need.
Use IP address specified by ISP - Input a static IPv6 address from the ISP.
Set IPv6 DNS Server manually - Enter the IP address of the IPv6 DNS server and
secondary IPv6 DNS server.
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