AC750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router RNX-AC750RT User Manual
4.21.3 Firmware Upgrade
Choose menu System Tools Firmware Upgrade”, and then you can update the latest
version of firmware for the router on the following screen.
Figure 4-111 Firmware Upgrade
Firmware Version - Displays the current firmware version.
Hardware Version - Displays the current hardware version. The hardware version of the
upgrade file must accord with the routers current hardware version.
To upgrade the router's firmware, follow these instructions below:
1. Enter or select the path name where you save the upgrade file on the computer into the
Firmware File Path blank.
2. Click the Upgrade button.
3. The router will reboot while the upgrading has been finished.
1) When you upgrade the router's firmware, you may lose its current configurations, so before
upgrading the firmware please write down some of your customized settings to avoid losing
important settings.
2) Do not turn off the router or press the Reset button while the firmware is being upgraded. Loss
of power during the upgrade could damage the router.
3) The firmware version must correspond to the hardware.
4) The upgrade process takes a few moments and the router restarts automatically when the
upgrade is complete.
4.21.4 Factory Defaults
Choose menu System Tools Factory Defaults, and then and you can restore the
configurations of the router to factory defaults on the following screen
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