AC750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router RNX-AC750RT User Manual
It is strongly recommended that you should change the factory default user name and password
of the router, because all users who try to access the router's Web-based utility or Quick Setup
will be prompted for the router's default user name and password.
The new user name and password must not exceed 14 characters in length and not include any
spaces. Enter the new Password twice to confirm it.
Click the Save button when finished.
Click the Clear All button to clear all.
4.21.8 System Log
Choose menu System Tools System Log, and then you can view the logs of the router.
Log Type - By selecting the log type, only logs of this type will be shown.
Log Level - By selecting the log level, only logs of this level will be shown.
Refresh - Refresh the page to show the latest log list.
Clear Log - All the logs will be deleted from the router permanently, not just from the page.
Save Log - Click to save all the logs in a txt file.
Log Settings - Click to change the log settings.
4.21.9 Statistics
Choose menu System Tools Statistics”, and then you can view the statistics of the router,
including total traffic and current traffic of the last Packets Statistic Interval.
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