AC750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router RNX-AC750RT User Manual
4.6.5 Wireless Advanced
Choose menu Wireless 2.4GHz Wireless Advanced, you can configure the advanced
settings of your wireless network.
Figure 4-25 Wireless Advanced
Transmit Power - Here you can specify the transmit power of router. You can select High,
Middle or Low which you would like. High is the default setting and is recommended.
Beacon Interval - Enter a value between 20-1000 milliseconds for Beacon Interval here.
The beacons are the packets sent by the router to synchronize a wireless network. Beacon
Interval value determines the time interval of the beacons. The default value is 100.
RTS Threshold - Here you can specify the RTS (Request to Send) Threshold. If the packet
is larger than the specified RTS Threshold size, the router will send RTS frames to a
particular receiving station and negotiate the sending of a data frame. The default value is
- 48 -
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