AC750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router RNX-AC750RT User Manual
Sent Packets - Packets sent by the station
You cannot change any of the values on this page. To update this page and to show the current
connected wireless stations, click on the Refresh button.
If the numbers of connected wireless stations go beyond one page, click the Next button to go to
the next page and click the Previous button to return the previous page.
This page will be refreshed automatically every 5 seconds.
4.7 Wireless 5GHz
Figure 4-27 Wireless menu
There are six submenus under the Wireless menu (shown in Figure 4-12): Basic Settings, WPS,
Wireless Security, Wireless MAC Filtering, Wireless Advanced and Wireless Statistics. Click
any of them, and you will be able to configure the corresponding functions.
4.7.1 Basic Settings
Choose menu Wireless 5GHz Basic Settings, you can configure the basic settings for the
wireless network of 5GHz on this page.
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