AC750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router RNX-AC750RT User Manual
for a special-purpose service such as Internet gaming or videoconferencing. The router forwards
packets of all services to the DMZ host. Any PC whose port is being forwarded must have its
DHCP client function disabled and should have a new static IP Address assigned to it because its
IP Address may be changed when using the DHCP function.
Figure 4-64 DMZ
To assign a computer or server to be a DMZ server:
1. Click the Enable button.
2. Enter the IP address of a local PC that is set to be DMZ host in the DMZ Host IP Address
3. Click the Save button.
4.12.4 UPnP
Choose menu ForwardingUPnP, and then you can view the information about UPnP in the
screen (shown in Figure 4-65). The Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) feature allows the devices,
such as Internet computers, to access the local host resources or devices as needed. UPnP
devices can be automatically discovered by the UPnP service application on the LAN.
Figure 4-65 UPnP Setting
Current UPnP Status - UPnP can be enabled or disabled by clicking the Enable or Disable
button. This feature is enabled by default.
Current UPnP Settings List - This table displays the current UPnP information.
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