Wireless N Adapter RNX-N250PCe User Manual
Chapter 4 Utility Configuration – Win XP’s
Station Mode
The Wireless Adapter provides two modes: Station mode and Access Point mode,
the default is Station mode under Window XP.
You can select connect wirelessly to your Wireless router/AP to connect to Internet in
station mode. But in the Access Point mode, the wireless adapter act as a wireless
access point which can share Internet connection with others. (Access Point Mode
requires Wired Connection)
4.1. General
The General tab displays current basic wireless connection information.
General Information
z Status: Wireless network Associated, Ad-hoc Mode or Not Associated.
z Speed: The data Tx rate and Rx rate of the current connection.
z Type: The type of the current wireless connection , Infrastructures or ad hoc
z Encryption: Current encryption.
z SSID: The unique name of the wireless network to which the wireless adapter is
z Signal Strength: The signal quality of the current connection.
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