Wireless N Adapter RNX-N250PCe User Manual
This chapter provides solutions to problems that may occur during the installation
and operation of the Wireless USB Adapter. Read the descriptions below to solve your
1. I cannot communicate with the other computers linked via Ethernet
in the Infrastructure configuration.
z Make sure that the PC to which the Adapter is associated is powered on.
z Make sure that your Adapter is configured on the same channel and with the
same security options as with the other computers in the Infrastructure
2. What should I do when the computer with the Adapter installed is
unable to connect to the wireless network and/or the Internet?
z Check that the LED indicators for the broadband modem are indicating
normal activity. If not, there may be a problem with the broadband
z Check that the LED indicators on the wireless router are functioning properly.
If not, check that the AC power and Ethernet cables are firmly connected.
z Check that the IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS settings are
correctly entered for the network.
z In Infrastructure mode, make sure the same Service Set Identifier (SSID) is
specified on the settings for the wireless clients and access points.
z In Ad-Hoc mode, both wireless clients will need to have the same SSID.
Please note that it might be necessary to set up one client to establish a
BSS (Basic Service Set) and wait briefly before setting up other clients. This
prevents several clients from trying to establish a BSS at the same time,
which can result in multiple singular BSSs being established, rather than a
single BSS with multiple clients associated to it.
z Check that the Network Connection for the wireless client is configured
z If Security is enabled, make sure that the correct encryption keys are
entered on both the Adapter and the access point.
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