Wireless N Adapter RNX-N250PCe User Manual
z WEP - (Wired Equivalent Privacy) - A data privacy mechanism based on a 64-bit
or 128-bit or 152-bit shared key algorithm, as described in the IEEE 802.11
standard. To gain access to a WEP network, you must know the key. The key is a
string of characters that you create. When using WEP, you must determine the
level of encryption. The type of encryption determines the key length. 128-bit
encryption requires a longer key than 64-bit encryption. Keys are defined by
entering in a string in HEX (hexadecimal - using characters 0-9, A-F) or ASCII
(American Standard Code for Information Interchange – alphanumeric
characters) format. ASCII format is provided so you can enter a string that is
easier to remember. The ASCII string is converted to HEX for use over the
network. Four keys can be defined so that you can change keys easily.
z Wi-Fi - A trade name for the 802.11b wireless networking standard, given by the
Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance (WECA, see http://www.wi-fi.net), an
industry standards group promoting interoperability among 802.11b devices.
z WLAN - (Wireless Local Area Network) - A group of computers and associated
devices communicate with each other wirelessly, which network serving users
are limited in a local area.
z WPA - (Wi-Fi Protected Access) - A wireless security protocol use TKIP
(Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) encryption, which can be used in conjunction
with a RADIUS server
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