Wireless N Adapter RNX-N250PCe User Manual
Chapter 1 Overview
Thank you for choosing Rosewill’s 802.11n 2T2R Wireless PCI-Express adapter –
RNX-N250PCE. RNX-N250PCE is a powerful 300Mbps Adapter for PCs without any
hassle. The Adapter can be used in Ad-Hoc mode to connect directly with other cards for
peer-to-peer file sharing or in Infrastructure mode to connect with a wireless access point
or router for access to the Internet in your office or home network. This chapter is to
introduce you more about this Wireless Adapter.
1.1 Package Content
Before getting started, please verify that your package includes the following items:
1. Rosewill RNX-N250PCE Wireless N Adapter x 1
2. 5 dBi Antenna x2
3. Low Profile Bracket x1
4. Quick Installation Guide x1
5. Resource CD x1, including:
z Rosewill Wireless N Utility and Driver
z User Manual
Make sure that the package contains the above items. If any of the listed items are damaged or missing,
please contact with your distributor.
1.2 Overview of the Product
The adapter is an 802.11n client device; it is designed to provide a high-speed and
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