1. Bread flour
Bread flour has a high gluten content, so it can be also be called high-gluten flour – also
containing high protein content. It has an elastic texture and the bread retains its size after rising.
Since the gluten content is higher than regular flour, it can be used for making larger loaves of
bread with better inner fiber. Bread flour is the most important ingredient in making bread.
2. Plain flour
Flour that contains no baking powder is better for making extouch bread.
Unplug the machine and let it cool down prior to cleaning.
1. Bread pan: Rub inside and outside with a damp cloth. Do not use any sharp or
abrasive agents in order to protect the non-stick coating. The pan must be dried
completely prior to use.
2. Kneading blade: If the kneading bar is difficult to remove from the axle, fill the container
with warm water and allow it to soak for approx. 30 minutes. The kneader can then be
easily removed for cleaning. Also, wipe the blade carefully with a cotton damp cloth.
Please note: both the bread pan and kneading blade are dishwasher-safe components.
3. Lid and window: Clean the lid’s inside and outside with a slightly damp cloth.
4. Housing: Gently wipe the outer surface of housing with a wet cloth. Do not use any
abrasive cleaner to clean as this would degrade the high polish of the surface. Never
immerse the housing in water for cleaning.
5. Before the bread maker is packed away for storage, ensure that it has completely
cooled down and is clean and dry; put the spoon and the kneading blade in the drawer
and close lid.
and dry ingredients may collect in the corners of the pan, so it may be necessary to help
machine mix to avoid flour clumps. If so, use a rubber spatula.
2. About Rapid Bake program
The bread maker can bake a loaf within 1 hour on the Rapid Bake program. This setting
can bake bread in 58 minutes; the bread will be a little denser in texture than bread baked
on the normal Bake setting. Please note: water should be hot – in the range of 118 - 122°F
(48 - 50°C) when added. Use a cooking thermometer to measure the temperature. The
water temperature is very critical to the baking performance. If the water temperature is too
low the bread will not be rise to expected size; if the water temperature is too high it will kill
the yeast prior to rising, which also will largely affect the baking performance.
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