One important step for making good bread is the proper amount of ingredients. For best
results, it is strongly recommended that you use a measuring cup or measuring spoon to
obtain accurate amounts.
1. Weighing liquid ingredients
Water, fresh milk, or a milk/powder solution should be measured with measuring cups.
Carefully measure liquid ingredients on a level surface. When you measure cooking oil or
other ingredients, clean the measuring cup thoroughly without any other ingredients.
2. Dry measurements
Dry measuring must be done by gently spooning ingredients into a measuring cup. Once
filled, level off with a straight edge. Scooping or tapping a measuring cup with more than
is required can alter a recipe. Measurements must be level, not heaped, as this small
difference may affect the critical balance of the recipe. When measuring small amounts of
dry ingredients, a measuring spoon must be used.
3. Adding sequence
The uniform sequence of adding ingredients should be followed. Generally speaking, the
sequence is: liquid ingredient, eggs, salt, milk powder – then any remaining ingredients.
10. Eggs
Eggs can improve bread texture, make the bread more nourishing, and increase size. Eggs
must be peeled and stirred evenly.
11. Grease, butter and vegetable oil
Grease can make bread soften and prolong storage life. Butter should be melted or
chopped to small particles before using.
12. Baking powder
Baking powder aids rising in breads and cakes on the Rapid Bake setting. Since it does
not need prolonged rising time, and it can produce air bubbles, the chemical composition of
baking powder will soften the texture of bread.
13. Soda
Soda powder is similar to baking powder and can also be used in combination with it.
14. Water and other liquids
Water is an essential ingredient for making bread. Generally speaking, water temperature
between 68 and 77°F (20 and 25°C) is the best. Water may be replaced with fresh milk or
a mix of water with 2% milk powder, which may enhance bread flavor and improve crust
color. Some recipes may call for juice for the purpose of enhancing bread flavor, e.g. apple
juice, orange juice, lemon juice and so on.
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