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Problem Cause Solution
Bread rises too fast
Too much yeast, too much
flour, not enough salt,
or combination of these
A, B
Bread does not rise at
all or not enough
No yeast at all or too little A, B
Old or stale yeast E
Liquid too hot C
The yeast has come into
contact with the liquid D
Wrong flour type or stale
flour E
Too much or not enough
liquid A, B, G
Not enough sugar A, B
The dough rises too
much and spills over
the baking pan
If the water is too soft the
yeast ferments more F
Too much milk affects the
fermentation of the yeast C
The bread goes down
in the middle
The dough volume is
larger than the pan and
the loaf is malformed.
A, F
Fermentation too short or
too fast due to excessive
temperature of the water
or baking chamber or due
to excessive moisture
C, H, I
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