For the
Please Refer
to the Key at
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of this Table
Problem Cause Solution
unbaked surface
Bread volume too big for
the pan A, F
Too much flour, especially
for white bread F
Too much yeast or not
enough salt A, B
Too much sugar A, B
Sweet ingredients besides
the sugar B
The slices are uneven
or there are clumps in
the middle
Bread not cooled enough
(the vapor has not
Flour deposits on the
bread crust
The flour did not knead
well on the sides G, I
A) Measure the ingredients correctly.
B) Adjust the ingredient amounts and check that all the ingredients have been added.
C) Use another liquid or leave it to cool at room temperature. Add the ingredients specified
in the recipe in the right order, make a small impression in the middle of the flour and
put in the crumbled yeast or the dry yeast, avoid letting the yeast and the liquid come
into direct contact.
D) Use only fresh and correctly stored ingredients.
E) Reduce the total amount of the ingredients, do not use more than the specified amount
of flour. Reduce all the ingredients by 1/3.
F) Correct/adjust the amount of liquid. If ingredients containing water are used, the amount
of the liquid to be added must be duly reduced.
G) In the case of very humid weather, remove 1-2 Tablespoons of water.
H) In the case of excessively warm weather, do not use the timing function. Use cold liquids.
I) Take the bread out of the pan immediately after baking and leave it on a cooling/drying
rack to cool for at least 15 minutes before cutting it.
J) Reduce the amount of yeast – or of all the ingredient amounts – by 1/4.
K) Never grease the pan
L) Add a tablespoon of wheat gluten to the dough.
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