1. Basic: Kneading, rising and baking normal bread. You may also add ingredients to
increase flavor.
2. French: Kneading, rising and baking with a longer rise time. The bread baked in this
menu will usually have a crispier crust and lighter texture.
3. Whole Wheat: Kneading, rising and baking of whole wheat bread. It is not advisable to
use the delay function as this can produce poor results.
4. Quick: Kneading, rising and baking using less time than the Basic setting. The bread
baked on this setting is usually smaller and has a denser texture.
5. Sweet: Kneading, rising and baking sweet bread. You may also add ingredients to
alter the flavor.
6. Gluten-free: Kneading, rising and baking gluten-free bread. You may also add
ingredients to add flavor.
7. Rapid Bake: Kneading adding, rising and baking in the shortest amount of time.
Usually the bread made is smaller and rougher than that made using the Quick
8. Dough: Kneading and rising, but without baking. Remove the dough and use for
making bread rolls, pizza, steamed bread, etc.
9. Jam: Boiling jams and marmalades. Fruits and vegetables must be chopped before
putting them into the bread pan.
10. Cake: Kneading, rising and baking. Use baking soda and/or baking powder.
11. Sandwich: Kneading, rising and baking sandwiches. For baking light-texture bread
with a thinner crust.
12. Bake: Only baking, no kneading or rising. Also used to increase the baking time on
selected settings.
Use the Color button to select a LIGHT, MEDIUM or DARK color for the crust. This button
is not applicable for the Dough or Jam programs.
Press this button to select the desired size of the loaf. Please note the total operation time
may vary among loaf sizes. This button is not applicable for the Quick, Dough, Jam, Cake
or Bake programs.
The Menu button is used to select a program. Each time it is pressed, the program will
vary. Press the button repeatedly to cycle through the 12 programs on the LCD display.
Select your desired program. The functions of 12 menus are explained below.
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