Example: At 8:30 p.m, if you would like your bread to be ready in the next morning at 7 a.m.,
i.e. in 10 hours and 30 minutes, select your menu, color, and loaf size, then press the “+” or
“–” to add the time until “10:30” appears on the LCD screen. Then press the STOP/START
button to activate this program. The dot will flash and the display will count down, showing
the remaining time. You will get fresh bread at 7 o’clock in the morning. If you don’t want to
take out the bread immediately, the keep warm time of 1 hour will begin automatically.
Note: 1. This button is not applicable for the Rapid Bake, Jam or Bake programs.
2. For time-delayed baking, do not use any easily perishable ingredients such as
eggs, fresh milk, fruits, vegetables, etc.
Use this button to delay the start time for your desired program.
Begin by determining the when a freshly baked loaf of bread is desired, then press the + and
– buttons to set the required time in 10-minute increments. Please note: Total time should
include the delay time and the baking time of the selected program. In other words, at the
completion of the total delay time, hot bread will be ready. Maximum delay time is 13 hours.
Bread will be automatically kept warm for 60 minutes after baking. If you would like to take
the bread out at any time after the selected program ends, switch the program off with the
START/STOP button.
Put the fruit or nut into ingredient pan before start the program, when making bread ,the
program will put the ingredient in bread bucket automatically.
If the power supply is interrupted during the course of bread making, the bread making
process will be continued automatically within 10 minutes, even without pressing the
START/STOP button. If the break time exceeds 10 minutes, the memory will not be saved
and the bread maker must be restarted. However, if the dough is no further than the
kneading phase when the power supply breaks off, press the “START/STOP” to restart the
program from the beginning.
The machine may work well in a wide range of temperatures, but there could be a
difference in loaf size between a very warm room and a very cold room. We suggest the
room temperature be between 59 and 94°F (15 and 34°C).
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