Wireless N Dual Band Adapter N600PCE User Manual
This is the startup window of the Ralink
Wireless Utility
Here is each button‟s function:
Wi-Fi Direct
(will appear only if your computer
can support this function)
Site Survey
Link Information
Please first start by selecting to
search nearby wireless signal for
When click on , a window will
popup and presents to you the nearby
Wi-Fi Signals.
If you did not see the signal you want to
connect, please click to rescan.
One time connection:
Please first highlight your desired
SSID, then click . Then follow
the popup window‟s direction to
connect. (Please see for detail)
Setup the Profile for all future
Please click to add
the SSID to profile for all future use.
For detail, please follow Add/Edit
Now you have completed the setup of your wireless network. You should be ready to surf!
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