Wireless N Dual Band Adapter N600PCE User Manual
This chapter provides solutions to problems that may occur during the installation and
operation of the Wireless Dual Band PCIE Adapter. Read the descriptions below to solve your
1. The Wireless Dual Band PCIE Adapter does not work properly.
Reinsert the Wireless Dual Band PCIE Adapter into your PC‟s PCIE slot. Right click My
Computer and select Properties. Select the device manager and click on the Network
Adapter. You will find the Adapter if it is installed successfully. If you see the yellow
exclamation mark, the resources are conflicting. You will see the status of the Adapter. If
there is a yellow question mark, please check the following:
Make sure that you have inserted the right adapter and installed the proper driver. If the
Adapter does not function after attempting the above steps, remove the adapter and do the
Uninstall the driver software from your PC through Control Panel‟s “Add or Remove
Restart your PC and repeat the hardware and software installation as specified in this User
2. I cannot communicate with the other computers linked via Ethernet in the
Infrastructure configuration.
Make sure that the PC to which the Adapter is associated is powered on.
Make sure that your Adapter is configured on the same channel and with the same security
options as with the other computers in the Infrastructure configuration.
3. What should I do when the computer with the Adapter installed is unable to
connect to the wireless network and/or the Internet?
Check that the LED indicators for the broadband modem are indicating normal activity. If not,
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