200Mbps Powerline Fast Ethernet Adapter KIT - RPLC-201KIT- Users Manual
17. Click Finish to complete installing Powerline Utility. If you select Launch
Powerline Utility, Powerline Utility is automatically run after it is successfully
2.2 How to Use Powerline Utility
Click the icon in the desktop or quick launch bar to open Powerline Utility.
2.2.1 Main Tab
The Main screen provides a list of all powerline devices logically connected to the
computer. The top panel shows the local HomePlugAV devices connected to the
network interface card (NIC) of the computer or remote devices that pass
Click Connect, and Powerline Utility automatically scans the powerline periodically
for other HomePlugAV devices connected to it. If no local HomePlugAV device is
discovered, the screen displays “0 device(s) found”.
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