200Mbps Powerline Fast Ethernet Adapter KIT - RPLC-201KIT- Users Manual
Device Name
This column shows the default device name, which may be modified. To change
the name, click Rename.
Mac Address
This column shows the MAC addresses of the remote devices.
By default, this column is blank. You can click Enter Password to enter it. For
some operations (for example, changing network passwords), you must first get
devices password verified by entering correct passwords.
The steps for entering the password of the device are as follows:
Step 1 Click the device name to select the device in the lower panel.
Step 2 Click Enter Password. A dialog box appears, showing the device name
and password. The default password (DEK) is printed on labels on the
bottom of devices.
Step 3 Click OK to verify the password.
This process might take a few seconds to get completed. If the password is entered
correctly, the devices password shows in the Password column on the lower panel.
If a device is not found, a message appears, suggesting trying again.
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