200Mbps Powerline Fast Ethernet Adapter KIT - RPLC-201KIT- Users Manual
After the network password for the local device is changed successfully, this local
device is added into the target network. Previous devices displayed on the lower
panel will disappear and devices in the target network will appear on the lower
The Scan button is used to perform an immediate search for HomePlugAV devices
connected to the powerline network. By default, Powerline Utility automatically
scans every a few seconds and updates the displayed information.
Firmware Upgrade
The Firmware Upgrade button is used to upgrade the device firmware.
Only devices that have their password verified can achieve firmware
upgrade by clicking Firmware Upgrade.
The steps for upgrading firmware are as follows:
Step 1 Select a local device from the top panel.
Step 2 Click Firmware Upgrade.
Step 3 Click Browse to choose a configuration file (fw_upgrade, bin-upgrade,
or paramconfig).
Step 4 Click OK.
It takes several minutes to complete firmware upgrade. Do not interrupt the
upgrade process.
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