200Mbps Powerline Fast Ethernet Adapter KIT - RPLC-201KIT- Users Manual
Appendix D: RPLC-201 QoS Support
RPLC-201 allows for 4 levels of Channel Access Priority (CAP (0 3)). The 8 levels
of VLAN Ethernet tags must be mapped to the 4 levels of CAP priority, where CAP 3
is the highest priority and CAP 0 is the lowest. CAP 3 priority might be used for voice
and network management frames, and CAP 2 is used for streaming HD video and
music while CAP 1 and CAP 0 are used for data.
Default CAP
The „Default CAP‟ group allows for default priority mapping of packets that do not
have a VLAN TAG. The settings are available for Unicast (directed to a host).
Unicast - (default CAP 1) - sets the default channel access priority for
unicast frames not matching any other classification or mapping.
IGMP managed Multicast Stream (Fixed to CAP 2) - sets the default
channel access priority for stream data belonging to a snooped IGMP
multicast group.
IGMP - (default CAP 3) - sets the channel access priority for IGMP frames -
these are the group management frames, not the stream data.
Multicast/Broadcast - sets the default CAP for multicast frames not in a
snooped group and for broadcast frames.
The following are the factory fixed settings for QoS Priority:
1st: Network Management Frames and Voice
2nd: Video and Music Streaming
3rd: Data Streaming
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