200Mbps Powerline Fast Ethernet Adapter KIT - RPLC-201KIT- Users Manual
Chapter 1 Introduction to Hardware
Thank you for purchasing Rosewills RPLC-201 Homeplug AV compliant Powerline
Adapter. The RPLC-201 adapter can transmit data up to 200mbps via households
power outlet. RPLC-201 can help you to establish a high-speed network that
supports HD video, voice and data without wiring and drilling. It is suitable for using
in a wide range of both residential (at home) and commercial (offices, apartments,
hotels, warehouses) network applications.
1.1 Expanding your Network with RPLC-201
The RPLC-201 plugs into an power outlet to extend cable or DSL modem connection
or your current Ethernet Network to almost any power outlet in your home with any
new cabling.* Devices can securely communicate with each other via the 128-bit
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) through RPLC-201 at a high speed transfer
rate of 200Mbps and at 10/100mbps LAN support.
Powerline Technology has certain limitations.
1. The best performance for Powerline Data transmission will be under one power circuit
2. Performance may be decreased under different circuits but within one Electricity Meter due
to the drop-off via hardware.
1.2 Key Features
Plug and Play with Quick and Easy Installation
Installation requires no new wiring
Every power socket becomes a connection node in the household.
RPLC-201 supports connection for a total of 16 nodes.
Plug-and-play to your routers, computers and other network devices.
Enjoy Stable HD Videos and Gaming
With a pair of plug-and-play RPLC-201 installed, you can easily extend your
home network through any electrical outlet for Internet access by HDTVs,
Blu-ray™ players, DVRs, PCs and game consoles.
QoS Management Enhances Streaming Quality
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