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Installing the Docking Station
Installing the Drivers
Depending on your operating system, the Docking Station
will automatically install some of the required drivers once
connected to your host laptop. To complete the full driver
installation process:
1. Download the latest drivers by visiting www.StarTech.com/
DK30CH2DEP or www.StarTech.com/DK30CH2DEPUE and
clicking the Support tab.
2. Extract the contents of the compressed le(s) that you
3. Double-click the appropriate driver for the version of
Windows or macOS that you’re running and follow the on-
screen instructions to complete the installation.
Note: If you are prompted to restart your computer, do so to
complete the installation.
Powering the Docking Station
When the Docking Station is plugged in and powered, you
can use USB-C Power Delivery 2.0 to power and charge the
Host Computer through the USB-C Port. The Docking Station
cannot receive power from the Host Computer, the Power
Adapter must always be connected to the Docking Station.
1. Select the appropriate Power Cord for your region and
connect it to the Power Adapter.
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