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2. Connect the Power Adapter to an AC Electrical Outlet and
the other end to the DC 20V Port on the Docking Station.
3. Connect the USB-C Cable to a USB-C Port on the Host
Computer and the other end to the USB-C Host Port on the
Docking Station.
4. Make sure that the On/Of Button is in the On position.
Connecting Devices to the Docking Station
USB-A Port
The USB-A Ports can be used as charging ports (e.g. Cell Phone,
Tablet, etc.), to connect a USB storage device (e.g. Flash Drive)
to display data/les on the connected Host Computer, or used
with a USB Peripheral Device (Keyboard, Mouse, etc.).
Connecting a Device to the USB-A Port
1. Connect a USB-A Cable to the USB-A Port on the Docking
2. Connect the other end of the USB-A Cable to a USB Port on
the USB Device.
Note: The USB-A Port on the side of the Docking Station
can fast-charge devices that comply with USB Battery Charg-
ing Specication Revision 1.2.
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