Stainless Steel Electric Hot Water Dispenser RHAP-16001Stainless Steel Electric Hot Water Dispenser RHAP-16001
Before Plugging In
Make sure your electricity supply is the same as shown on the underside of your kettle.
Before Using For The First Time
Remove all packaging and any labels, keep small children away from the any materials as they can be
hazardous without proper supervision.
Note: Check that pump lter is correctly placed in the base of the inner pot.
1. Open the lid by releasing the latch.
2. Fill water to the full line on the inside. Do not overll.
3. Close the lid until you hear it “click” shut.
4. Attach the power cord to the thermo pot and plug into a wall outlet. A “beep” will sound and the
hot air pot will automatically start to heat the water and the Boil indicator light will turn on. The 98
ºC (208 ºF) indicator light will ash because after boiling the thermo pot will keep warm at 98 ºC (208
ºF) unless another temperature is selected.
5. To retrieve hot water after boiling or at any time at the set temperature, press the dispense button.
6. After relling water, press the “Reboil” button. A “beep” will sound and the Boil indicator light will
turn on. If the water is 90 ºC (194 ºF) or higher, the water will be boiled for 3 minutes.
Do not open the lid during the boiling process.
Do not touch the steam outlet.
The Lid
• To open the lid: Lift up the top of the latch until it unlocks, and lift to open.
• To close the lid: Push it down until it clicks shut.
• To remove the lid: Push the release latch at the rear of the thermo pot, lift the latch until the lid is at
45°, lift the lid away from the body of the thermo pot.
• To replace the lid: Push the release latch and lower the lid hinge into the body of the thermo pot
and release the latch. Now close the lid until the latch clicks shut.
Dispense Water
• Water cannot be dispensed by the electric pump if the unit is locked. Hold the cup under the
dispensing spout.
• Before dispensing, press “Unlock” button once, the indicator light will turn red, this will activate the
fast dispense mode is on. Pressing the “Unlock” button twice, and the indicator light will turn blue,
activating the slow dispense mode.
• Press the “Dispense” button and hold until the required amount of water is dispensed.
• After dispense, the electric lock will automatically be activated after 15 seconds.
• If water does not dispense smoothly, cleaning may be needed. Please refer to “Care & Cleaning”.
Select A Keep Warm Temperature
• Press the “Set Temp” button to select desired temperature.
• If a higher temperature is selected, the thermos pot will start heating the water automatically. During
this time the indicator light will keep ashing and stay on once the water has reached the selected
• If a lower temperature is selected, the indicator light will keep ashing and stay on once the water
has reached the selected temperature.
• If the “Auto Cool” is selected, the thermo pot will stop the keep warm function to allow the water to
cool down naturally. The indicator light will stay on.
Note: The default temperature setting is 98 ºC (208 ºF). lf the power is disconnected, when it is
reconnected the thermo pot will reboil and then cool to 98 ºC (208 ºF).
Over-Heating Protection
• If the thermo pot runs out of water, it will dry-boil. All indicator lights will ash and the thermo pot
transmit will "beeping" sound.
• In the event of over-heating and dry-boil, add cool water immediately.
• Allow the thermos pot to cool down before pressing “Reboil” button to start boiling.
Note: If the thermo pot is allowed to dry-boil excessively, the inner tank may change color
permanently due to high temperature.
Care & Cleaning
Before cleaning, make sure you unplug the thermo pot from the power cord, remove the lid and
empty any water and allow time to cool.
To Clean The Exterior
• Wipe with a damp cloth and mild detergent then wipe dry with a soft cloth.
• Never use any chemical, steel wool or abrasive cleaners to clean the exterior of the appliance
To Clean The Internal Filter
Remove and clean with warm water and a soft toothbrush. If necessary use some citric acid.
Note: Ensure the internal lter is replaced before reusing the thermo pot.
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