Instruction manual
Supported video resolutions
Thunderbolt technology supports both video and data throughput. However, it
prioritizes video bandwidth to help ensure seamless display performance. The
performance of the remaining dock functions depends entirely on the display
conguration you used.
The docking station supports the follow maximum resolutions:
Number of
Displays Ports Maximum Resolution
1 DisplayPort port 4096 x 2160p (60Hz)
1Thunderbolt 3 USB-C
port 4096 x 2160p (60Hz)
DisplayPort port and
Thunderbolt 3 USB-C
4096 x 2160p (60Hz)
3840 x 2160p resolution, found on most standard 4K monitors, is also a fully
supported resolution.
Depending on the conguration and the supported resolutions of your connected
monitor(s), the docking station can support video resolutions lower than specied
In a multi-display conguration, set the refresh rates on each of your connected
monitors to the same values, otherwise your monitors might not properly display.
Video output capabilities are dependent on the video card and hardware
specications of your connected host laptop.
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