Instruction Manual
Front Panel
Port Selection/Link LED
The LED turns green when the connected computer is powered-on. The corresponding
LED will also illuminate red when that PC port is currently selected.
Port Selection Button
Each push of the Selection Button on the front of the KVM switch will immediately
switch between the two ports on the KVM switch.
The system automatically scans through the power-on computers in sequence with a
xed interval (see Scan Time below).
Scan Time
Four options are available for users to set the Scan Time duration, it Includes 3, 8, 15
and 30 seconds.
Note: Scan Time is set to 3 seconds by default.
HotKey Control
A Hotkey command is a short keyboard sequence for selecting a computer, activating
computer scan, etc. A hotkey sequence starts with two left <CTRL> keystrokes
(successively within 0.2 seconds) followed by one or two more keystrokes. A built-in
tone generator creates a high-pitch beep for correct hotkey command; otherwise, one
low-pitch beep is generated for errors and the bad key sequence will not be forwarded
to the selected computer.
NOTE: Press and hold Left <SHIFT> and press <NumLock> twice, then release <SHIFT>
followed by pressing left <CTRL> once, which will enable / disable the hotkey feature.
To select a computer:
Left <CTRL> + Left <CTRL> + <1>
(Example: Selects the computer at port 1.)
Left <CTRL> + Left <CTRL> + <2>
(Example: Selects the computer at port 2.)
NOTE: Do not use the keypad on the right-side of the keyboard.
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