Instruction Manual
Auto Scan
The KVM automatically scans through the powered-on computers in sequence on a
xed time interval (see Scan Time below).
Note: The keyboard and mouse are not operable during Auto Scan.
To start Auto Scan:
Left <CTRL> + Left <CTRL> + <F1>
To abort the Auto Scan mode, press the left <CTRL> key twice. When Auto Scan detects
any keyboard or mouse activity, it suspends the scanning till the activity stops; it then
resumes with the next computer in sequence. The length of the Auto Scan interval
(Scan Time) is adjustable, see below.
Manual Scan allows users to manually switch back and forth between powered-on
Left <CTRL> + Left <CTRL> + <F2>
To select the previous or the next computer, press <UP> or <DOWN> arrow keys. To
abort the Manual Scan, press any other key.
Scan Time
Four options are available for users to set the Scan Time duration, it Includes 3, 8, 15
and 30 seconds.
Note: Scan Time is set to 3 seconds by default.
To adjust Scan Rate, set the scan time of duration before switching to the next computer:
Left <CTRL> + Left <CTRL> + <F3>
The KVM Switch generates 1 to 4 beeps indicating a scan time duration for 3, 8, 15 or
30 seconds respectively.
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