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Connecting Devices to the Docking Station
After completing the steps in the Power the docking station
1. Connect the peripheral devices to the appropriate ports on
the docking station. Devices may include USB peripherals,
headset, and tablets.
Notes: The three available USB ports located on the back of
the docking station (USB-A) are standard USB 3.0 through-
put ports. When the docking station is connected to a host
laptop, these ports provide a standard USB 3.0 power output
to power or charge the connected devices.
The USB-A port on the front of the docking station is compli-
ant with USB Battery Charging Specication Revision 1.2
(BC1.2), you can use the port to connect and charge a device
faster than you can using a standard USB port. This front USB
port can charge a connected device, even when the docking
station isn’t connected to a laptop.
2. Connect the external display to the docking station’s HDMI
video port.
Note: Video output capabilities are dependent on the video
card and hardware specications of your connected host
laptop. Some monitors will also limit the available resolution.
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