Instruction Manual
Hardware Installation
WARNING! Hard drives and storage enclosures require careful handling, especially
when being transported. If you are not careful with your hard disk, lost data may
result. Always handle your hard drive and storage device with caution. Be sure that
you are properly grounded by wearing an anti-static strap when handling computer
components or discharge yourself of any static electricity build-up by touching a large
grounded metal surface (such as the computer case) for several seconds.
Note: This adapter cable will only work with 2.5” hard drives, and solid state drives. 3.5”
Hard drives and optical drives require a high power load than can be provided via the
USB bus.
1. Connect the SATA Connector to the SATA reciprocal on your 2.5” SATA hard drive/
solid state drive.
2. Connect the USB connector from the cable to a USB port on the host computer
system (optimal perfomance with USB 3.0, backward compatibile with USB 2.0/1.1).
Connecting the Hard Drive
Once the cable has been attached to a computer, and the necessary software will
automatically install, and the drive will be accessible as though it were installed within
the system.
Prior to using the drive, it will need to be formatted according to your operating
system requirements. To format your newly attached hard drive, or create partitions,
please consult the documentation that accompanied your operating system at the
time of purchase.
Powering the Drive
The hard drive adapter requires no external power supply, as it is capable of receiving
enough power from the USB Bus to which it is connected
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