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Using the Notifications Panel
The Notifications panel provides quick access to alerts such as new messages,
calendar events, and software updates.
• To open the Notifications panel, swipe down on the status bar at the top of the
home screen.
• Swipe left or right to clear individual notifications or tap at the top of the
screen to clear all.
• Tap to access the full settings menu.
• To close the Notifications panel, swipe up from the bottom of the screen
or tap .
• Tap the icons below Control Switch to turn on or off designated features directly,
or drag the brightness bar to adjust screen brightness.
Reopening Recently Used Applications
Press and hold from any screen. The device will display recently used
Tap the application you want to open.
Entering Text
You can enter text using the on-screen keyboard. Some apps open it
automatically. In others, open it by tapping where you want to type.
Tap to hide the on-screen keyboard.
Android Keyboard
The Android keyboard provides a layout similar to a desktop computer keyboard.
• Tap the alphabetic keys to enter letters. Press and hold some specific keys to
enter associated accented letters or numbers. For example, to enter è, press and
hold and the available accented letters and number 3 appear. Then slide to
choose è.
Tap to use uppercase. Double-tap to lock uppercase. This key also
changes to indicate the current case you are using: for lowercase, for
uppercase, and when locked in uppercase.
Tap to delete the text before the cursor.
Tap to select numbers and symbols. You can then tap to find more.
Tap to use Google voice typing.
• Press and hold to change the input languages or set up the Android
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