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Spro 2 Remote Control App
You can control the Spro 2 projector with your Android or iOS mobile device. To
use the Spro 2 Remote Control app, you must first enable Wi-Fi (see Connecting
to Networks and Devices – Connecting to Wi-Fi).
Scan the Android or iOS QR code shown using a QR code scanner on your
mobile device.
Follow the on-screen instructions to download the Spro 2 Remote Control app
to your mobile device.
On the projector, tap > SETTINGS > Projector.
Slide the Remote Control switch to the ON position.
Open the Spro 2 Remote Control app on your mobile device, and then tap the
Spro device listed in the Available devices list.
Tap OK on the projector to allow the Spro 2 Remote Control app to connect.
You can now control Spro 2 from your device’s screen.
Projecting the Screen Content
You can project whatever is displayed on the screen of your ZTE Spro 2.
NOTE: To project files from a USB flash drive, insert the flash drive into the USB
port of your ZTE Spro 2, swipe down the status bar, and make sure that Connect
to USB stick is enabled.
Turn on the projector.
Tap Screen on the Projector tile in the HOME tab of the home screen.
Place the ZTE Spro 2 on a flat surface and adjust the projection distance. Press
the Power Button twice quickly to automatically adjust the focus. If necessary,
adjust other options in the Projector settings (see Projection – Adjusting
Projector Settings).
Open the file you want to project with the proper app from the APPS tab of
the home screen. For example, to open image files, tap the APPS tab on the
home screen and tap Gallery. Then tap the album and the image to display
it in full screen.
When you want to finish projecting, turn off the projector.
Projecting From a microSD Card
You can project from a microSD card if you have one installed (see Getting Started –
Setting Up – Installing a microSD Card or micro-SIM Card).
Turn on the projector.
Tap > APPS > File Manager > SD CARD.
Open the file you want to project.
Projecting an HDMI Source or an Apple Device
You can project an HDMI source when connecting your ZTE Spro 2 to a laptop
or TV STB (Set Top Box). If you have an Apple device, you need to get a Lightning
Digital AV Adapter (not included).
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