Adjusting Projector Settings
Tap > APPS > Settings > Projector and you can configure the following
options for the projector feature.
Projector: Turn the projector on or off.
Projector floating button on/off: You can use this button to turn on or off the
projector, enable Auto Focus, or adjust brightness.
Source: Select Screen, HDMI or Miracast as the projection source.
Brightness: Adjust the projector brightness.
NOTE: To achieve high brightness, plug in the power source to keep your
ZTE Spro 2 charged.
Focus: Turn on or off automatic focus or tap and to make manual
Keystone: Turn on or off keystone distortion or adjust it manually to correct
image during a tilted projection.
Advanced user:
CAIC: Enable or disable Content-Adaptive Illumination Control. The projector
can automatically adjust illumination power to consume less battery while
maintaining a constant image brightness.
LABB Settings: Enable, disable, or adjust the level of Local Area Brightness
Boost. The projector can adaptively brighten up areas of an image that are dim
to improve overall image quantity.
Color correction: Adjust the color of the projection.
Remote Control: Turn on to enable the remote control feature.
Anti-shake: Turn the anti-shake feature on or off.
NOTE: You can also turn this feature on or off from the Control Switch in the
Notifications panel.
G-sensor sensitivity: Adjust the sensitivity of the accelerometer. It helps the
device detect movement so that it can automatically adjust during automatic
focus, anti-shake, and keystone correction.
Auto projector on/off: You can enable the device to turn the projector feature
on or off automatically at a set time.
Hangouts (Messaging)
You can use Hangouts to send, receive, and manage text messages (SMS) and
multimedia messages (MMS).
Opening the Hangouts Screen
Tap > APPS > Hangouts.
The Hangouts screen opens where you can create a new message or open an
ongoing message thread.
• Tap to write a new text or multimedia message.
• Tap an existing message thread to open the conversation you’ve had with a
certain number.
Sending a Message
On the Hangouts screen, tap > New SMS.
Enter a contact name or phone number, and then tap the suggestion to add it
as the recipient.
If you have added a Google account on your ZTE Spro 2, your ZTE Spro 2 will
find the matching contact from your account.
Tap .
Enter your message in the text field at the bottom, and then tap Send.
• To insert an attachment after typing a message, tap > , choose the
attachment, and then tap .
• Do not add an email address as a recipient or add any attachment if you
want to send a text message. Otherwise you may be charged for a
multimedia message.
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