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Using Wi-Fi Direct
Wi-Fi Direct allows Wi-Fi devices to connect to each other without the need for
wireless access points (hotspots).
NOTE: Wi-Fi Direct is not completely compatible among different device
manufacturers. You may need to install third-party applications to share files
between different devices from different manufacturers.
Connecting to Another Device via Wi-Fi Direct
Tap > SETTINGS > Network > Wi-Fi.
If Wi-Fi is off, slide the Wi-Fi switch to the ON position.
Tap > Wi-Fi Direct. Your ZTE Spro 2 will search for other devices enabled with
Wi-Fi Direct connections.
Tap a device name below PEER DEVICES to connect with it.
Tap Connect.
The other device will receive a connection prompt and need to accept the
request for connection. Both devices may need to enter a common PIN.
Once connected the device is displayed as “Connected” in the PEER DEVICES list.
Sending Data via Wi-Fi Direct
Open the appropriate application and select the file or item you want to share.
Select the option for sharing via Wi-Fi Direct. The method may vary by
application and data type.
Tap a device your ZTE Spro 2 has connected with or wait for it to search for new
devices and tap one of them.
Receiving Data via Wi-Fi Direct
When an attempt to transfer data via Wi-Fi Direct is received, you can see a
notification in the status bar. Open the Notifications panel, tap the notification and
select Accept to start receiving the data.
Received files are stored automatically in a dedicated folder (WiFiShare, for
instance). You can access them with the File Manager app.
Connecting to Bluetooth Devices
Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technology. Phones or other
devices with Bluetooth capabilities can exchange information wirelessly within a
distance of about 32 feet (10 meters).
Turning Bluetooth On/Off
Tap > SETTINGS > Network > Bluetooth.
Slide the Bluetooth switch to the ON or OFF position.
When Bluetooth is on, the icon will appear in the status bar.
Making Your ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector Visible
In order to work with other phones or devices that have Bluetooth, you need to
make your ZTE Spro 2 ‘visible’ to them.
Tap > SETTINGS > Network > Bluetooth.
Slide the Bluetooth switch to the ON position if Bluetooth is off.
Tap your device name at the top of the screen to make your ZTE Spro 2 visible
or invisible.
NOTE: Tap > Visibility timeout to set the Bluetooth visibility timeout of your
ZTE Spro 2.
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