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Changing the Device Name
Tap > SETTINGS > Network > Bluetooth.
Slide the Bluetooth switch to the ON position if Bluetooth is off.
Tap > Rename device.
Edit the name and tap Rename.
Pairing With Another Bluetooth Device
Tap > SETTINGS > Network > Bluetooth.
Slide the Bluetooth switch to the ON position if Bluetooth is off.
Your ZTE Spro 2 automatically scans for and displays the IDs of all available
Bluetooth devices in range. You could tap SEARCH FOR DEVICES on the top
right of the screen if you want to scan again.
Tap the device you want to pair with.
Confirm that the Bluetooth passkeys are the same between the two devices
and tap Pair. Alternately, enter a Bluetooth passkey and tap Pair.
Pairing is successfully completed when the other device accepts the connection
or the same passkey is entered.
NOTE: The Bluetooth passkey may be fixed for certain devices, such as headsets
and hands-free car kits. You can try entering 0000 or 1234 (the most common
passkeys), or refer to the documents for that device.
Unpairing From a Bluetooth Device
You can make your ZTE Spro 2 forget its pairing connection with another Bluetooth
device. To connect to the device again, you may need to enter or confirm a
passkey again.
Tap > SETTINGS > Network > Bluetooth and ensure that Bluetooth is
turned on.
In the list of paired devices, tap beside the Bluetooth device you want to
unpair from.
Tap Unpair.
Sending Data via Bluetooth
Open the appropriate application and select the file or item you want to share.
Select the option for sharing via Bluetooth. The method may vary by application
and data type.
Tap a Bluetooth device your ZTE Spro 2 has paired with or wait for it to search
for new devices and tap one of them.
Receiving Data via Bluetooth
Turn Bluetooth on before trying to receive data via Bluetooth.
NOTE: If your ZTE Spro 2 has not been paired with the sending device, you may
need to keep the ZTE Spro 2 visible through Bluetooth.
Swipe down on the status bar and tap .
Tap Accept to start receiving the data.
Depending on whether a microSD card is installed, received files are stored
automatically in a dedicated folder (Bluetooth, for instance) in the internal storage
or microSD card. You can access them with the File Manager app.
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