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Erasing the microSD Card
Tap > SETTINGS > Device > Storage.
Scroll down and tap Erase external SD card > Erase SD card >
Erase everything.
CAUTION: The formatting procedure erases all data on the microSD card, after
which the files CANNOT be retrieved.
Connecting to a USB Device
You can connect a USB device such as a USB flash drive to the ZTE Spro 2 via the
USB port, and tap > APPS > File Manager > USB DEVICE to view the files
saved in the USB device.
• Before connecting your ZTE Spro 2 with a USB device, swipe down on the
status bar to open the Notifications panel and ensure that Connect to USB stick
is highlighted.
• To disconnect a USB device from your ZTE Spro 2, you should open the
Notifications panel and tap . After the ZTE Spro 2 indicates that the external
storage device has been unmounted, you can remove the USB device.
CAUTION: Before unmounting the USB device, you should not enable Connect
to PC, otherwise the connection between the ZTE Spro 2 and the USB device will
be broken, and you may damage or lose data.
Sharing Your Mobile Data Connection
You can share your ZTE Spro 2’s data capabilities through tethering or by activating
the mobile hotspot feature to create a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.
Sharing Your Mobile Data Connection via USB
You can access the Internet on your computer via the USB tethering feature of
your device. The feature needs data connection on a mobile network and may
result in data charges.
NOTE: If your device has a microSD card, you can’t mount it on your computer
while USB tethered.
Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable.
Tap > SETTINGS > Network > More....
Check USB tethering. A new network connection will be created on your
To stop sharing your data connection, uncheck USB tethering or disconnect the
USB cable.
NOTE: You may need to contact your service provider to enable tethering on
your device.
Sharing Your Mobile Data Connection via Bluetooth
If your computer can obtain an Internet connection via Bluetooth, you can
configure your device to share its mobile data connection with your computer.
Pair your device with your computer via Bluetooth.
Configure your computer to obtain its network connection via Bluetooth. For
more information, please see your computer’s documentation.
Tap > SETTINGS > Network > More....
Check Bluetooth tethering. Your computer is now sharing your device’s data
NOTE: To stop sharing your data connection, uncheck Bluetooth tethering.
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