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Sharing Your Mobile Data Connection as a Wi-Fi Hotspot
You can share your device’s data connection with other devices by turning your
ZTE Spro 2 into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. The feature needs data connection on a
mobile network and may result in data charges.
NOTE: When the mobile Wi-Fi hotspot feature is enabled, you cannot access the
Internet via Wi-Fi connection with the ZTE Spro 2. You can still remain connected
to the Internet via mobile data network.
Tap > SETTINGS > Network > Mobile Hotspot.
Tap Wi-Fi Hotspot to turn on the mobile hotspot. If prompted, tap OK to
disconnect Wi-Fi.
On another device, locate your ZTE Spro 2 via Wi-Fi and connect with it.
To stop sharing your data connection, turn off Mobile Hotspot.
Renaming or Securing Your Wi-Fi Hotspot
You can change the name of your ZTE Spro 2’s mobile hotspot (SSID) and secure
it with a password.
Tap > SETTINGS > Network > Mobile Hotspot.
Tap Settings. Set your name and security options as follows:
Network Name: Enter or edit a network SSID (name) that other devices see
when scanning for Wi-Fi networks.
Password: Set the password if a security option is selected.
Show password: Check this option to display the password in the
Password field.
Wi-Fi band: Set the band that the mobile hotspot should be available on.
Channel: To avoid interference with other Wi-Fi networks, try using a different
Security: Choose a security option: None (not recommended) or WPA2 PSK
(other users can access your mobile hotspot only if they enter the correct
password). When you select WPA2 PSK, tap the Password field to edit the
security password.
Broadcast network name (SSID): Check this option to broadcast your
network SSID. If the broadcast is disabled, other users need to get your
network SSID to find the Wi-Fi hotspot.
Tap Save to save your settings.
Blocking Mobile Hotspot Access
To prevent a device from connecting to the mobile hotspot, add it to the hotspot's
blocked list.
Tap the Hotspot tile in the HOME tab of the home screen.
Tap Manage users.
Select the device you want to block (scroll down to see more connected
Tap Block > OK.
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