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Connecting to Virtual Private Networks
Virtual private networks (VPNs) allow you to connect to the resources inside
a secured local network. VPNs are commonly used by corporations, schools,
and other institutions to let people access local network resources when not on
campus, or when connected to a wireless network.
Depending on the type of VPN you are using, you may be required to enter your
login credentials or install security certificates before you can connect to your
VPN. You can get this information from your network administrator.
Adding a VPN
Tap > SETTINGS > Network > More… > VPN.
Tap and fill in the information provided by your network administrator.
Tap Save.
The VPN is added to the list on the VPN screen.
NOTE: You must set a lock screen pattern, PIN, or password before using VPN.
Connecting to a VPN
Tap > SETTINGS > Network > More… > VPN.
Tap the VPN that you want to connect to.
When prompted, enter any requested credentials, and then tap Connect.
Modifying a VPN
Tap > SETTINGS > Network > More… > VPN.
Press and hold the VPN that you want to modify.
Tap Edit profile and edit the VPN settings you want.
Tap Save.
Browsing the Internet
Your ZTE Spro 2 has two options for Internet access. Use Browser or Google
Chrome to view web pages and search for information.
Opening a Web Page With Browser
Tap > APPS > Browser to launch Browser.
Tap the address box at the top of the web page. If the address box isn’t visible,
scroll to the top of the page to show it.
Enter the address (URL) of a web page. Or, enter terms you want to search for.
Tap a URL or search suggestion, or tap Go on the keyboard to open the web
page or search results.
NOTE: Tap beside the address box if you want to stop opening the page.
Browsing Options
While viewing most web pages, you can do the following:
Scroll: Swipe the screen in any direction.
Zoom out: Pinch two fingers together.
Zoom in: Spread two fingers apart.
Go back: Tap > .
Go forward: Tap > .
Refresh the page: Tap besides the address box or tap > .
Send the page URL to friends: Tap > Share page and select how you want
to send the URL.
Follow a link: Tap a link on the web page to open it.
Add the page to Bookmarks: Tap in front of the address box and select Add
bookmark. Edit the name, address and folder, and then tap Add.
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