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Using Multiple Browser Tabs
You can open several web pages at the same time (one page in each tab) and
switch between them freely.
To open a new browser tab:
Tap at the top right of the browser screen and then a new browser
window opens.
To switch between tabs:
Slide left or right on the top of the browser screen to view all opened
browser tabs.
Tap the tab you want to view.
NOTE: Tap on a tab to close it. Press and hold a tab to get more options.
Downloading Files
Press and hold an image or a link in a web page.
In the menu that opens, tap Save image or Save link.
The downloaded files are saved to the internal storage or the microSD card.
Changing Browser Settings
You can configure a number of browser settings to customize the way you browse
the web, including several that you can use to control your privacy.
To open the browser settings screen, tap > Settings in the web page screen.
Using Google Chrome
You can use Google Chrome to browse the Internet. Chrome on your ZTE Spro 2
can sync bookmarks, browsing history, and opened tabs from your Google account.
Tap > APPS > Chrome.
Read the terms of service and tap ACCEPT & CONTINUE.
Your tabs, bookmarks, and more will be synced to your Google account.
To change sync settings, tap SETTINGS. Otherwise tap DONE.
Tap the web address bar. Enter a URL or search word and tap Go to open the
web page or search results.
Scroll to navigate and tap links to open them. Use the pinch gesture to zoom
out and the spread gesture to zoom in. Tap for additional options.
NOTE: To open a new web page in a new tab, tap > . The number in the icon
indicates the number of tabs you have opened.
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