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Opening Your Gallery
Gallery helps you view pictures and play videos. You can also do some basic
editing of the pictures, set one as wallpaper, or share pictures or videos in
different ways.
Tap > APPS > Gallery. Your albums are displayed.
Tap an album to see the pictures and videos in it.
Tap a picture or a video screenshot to show it in full screen.
When viewing a picture or a video screenshot in full screen, the following features
are available:
• Swipe horizontally to see other pictures or videos in the same album. You can
also tap Slideshow at the top right to browse the album contents in a slideshow.
• Pinch a picture or video screenshot to make it smaller. You’ll then see a filmstrip-
style view of all pictures and videos in the album. Swipe left or right to scan
through them all. Swipe one item up or down to delete it.
• Double-tap the picture or video screenshot, or pinch two fingers together or
spread them apart to zoom out or in.
• For a picture, tap to rotate, delete, share, print, or rename it, check file
details, set it as the lock screen wallpaper, or change slideshow setting.
• For a video screenshot, tap to delete, share, or rename the video file, check
file details, or change slideshow settings.
• To play the video, tap at the center and select a player to start playing.
Playing Videos
Tap > APPS > Video Player. This will open your video library and show the
video files on your device (including the microSD card and the USB device if they
are available). Tap a video file to start playing.
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