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Number Function
1 Song and artist information.
2 Album artwork.
3 Toggle repeat mode.
Playback control: skip songs, pause and resume playback. Drag
the progress bar to jump to any part of the song. Give the song a
thumbs-up or thumbs-down.
5 Toggle shuffle mode.
6 Tap to see the current playlist (queue).
7 More options.
Managing Playlists
Create playlists to organize your music files into sets of songs, so that you can play
the songs you like in the order you prefer.
To create a playlist or add a song to a playlist:
Tap next to a song and select Add to playlist.
Tap an already-created playlist or tap New playlist and follow the screen
prompts to create a new playlist.
To remove a song from a playlist:
Tap > My Library > PLAYLISTS in the Play Music app and open a playlist.
Tap next to a song in the playlist.
Tap Remove from playlist.
To delete a playlist:
Tap > My Library > Playlists in the Play Music app.
Tap below the playlist you want to delete.
Tap Delete > OK.
NOTE: Certain automatically created playlists such as Last added cannot
be deleted.
Recording Voice Memos
The Sound Recorder app enables you to record your voice memos.
Tap > APPS > Sound Recorder.
Tap to start recording. During recording, you can do the following:
• Tap / to pause or continue the recording.
• Tap > Delete to cancel the recording.
Tap to stop recording. The memo is automatically saved. You can tap to
play it immediately, or tap to share or to delete the recording.
NOTE: Tap My records at the top right of the screen to see all your voice memos.
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