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Google Applications
Signing in to your Google account allows you to synchronize Gmail and Calendar
between your device and the Google server. You also need a Google account to
use Drive, Google+, Play Store and some other applications.
You can easily sign in to your existing Google account or create one.
Tap > SETTINGS > Device > Add account > Google.
If you have a Google account, tap Existing. Enter your email and password and
then tap . If you don’t have an account, tap New.
Follow the prompts to set up your account. When the account is successfully
added, it is displayed in the ACCOUNTS section in the SETTINGS > Device
Tap > APPS > Drive. The Drive app allows you to store files on Google servers
for free after you sign in to your Google account. You can access them on your
computers, phones, and other devices, share them, or collaborate with others.
Tap > APPS > Gmail. Gmail is a web-based email service that’s configured
when you sign in to your Google account. Depending on your synchronization
settings, the Gmail on your ZTE Spro 2 can be automatically synchronized with
your Google account on the web.
Writing and Sending a Message
Open your Gmail inbox.
Tap .
Enter an email address in the ‘To’ field. Tap the space key before entering each
additional recipient.
NOTE: You can also enter a contact name and your ZTE Spro 2 will find the
matching contact from your Google account. Tap the suggestion to add it as
the recipient.
Enter the email subject and compose the email text.
To add an attachment, tap .
Tap at the top right of the screen to send the message.
Replying to or Forwarding a Message
Open the Gmail message you want to reply to or forward.
You have the following options:
• To reply, tap .
• To reply to the sender and all recipients of the original message, tap .
• To forward the message, tap .
Edit your message and tap .
Accessing Gmail Settings
From your Gmail inbox, tap .
Scroll down and tap Settings to change General settings, which apply to all
Gmail accounts, or other settings that only apply to specific accounts.
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